Our Core Value Products

Our goal is to provide customers with the best products available to meet individual project needs through the availability of products and our knowledgeable staff.

With an extensive product line which includes stamps, stains, sealers, integral color, polishing equipment and tooling, overlays, coatings, countertop and vertical supplies, and much more, BC Concrete Supplies is here to provide the best support you need in order to excel in the concrete industry.

Decorative Concrete

We carry stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, and stains/dye products from top brands such as Brickform, Solomon Colors, Proline, Dayton Superior, Concrete Coatings, and Surfkoat.

Concrete Construction

We carry concrete reinforcement, concrete curing, form, finishing/placement, tools/placement, diamond blade, joint filler, and general chemical products from top brands such as Boise Cascade, Concrete Coatings, Gatorbar, Solomon Colors, PrimeSource, Dayton Superior, Surfkoat, Metal Forms, Dee Forms, JD Russel, Kraft Tools, Marshalltown, Superior, Chapin, Husquarva, Norton, Westcoat, and Laticrete.

Concrete Restoration

We carry overlay and repair products from top brands such as Westcoat, Laticrete, Dayton Superior, and Surfkoat.


We carry solvent based, water based, stripper, and solvent products from top brands such as Surfkoat, Concrete Coatings, Chemcrete, and Franmar.

High performance Coatings

We carry coatings by type, color/flake/quartz, and moisture vapor barrier products from top brands such as Laticrete, Surfkoat, Concrete Coatings, and Torginol.