Our Vision

BC Concrete Supplies will strive to be recognized as the industry leader in Colorado and Wyoming. We will be a trusted partner to both our customers and our vendors.

Our company will be recognized for its consistent unwavering execution of great customer service and hard-working honest approach to taking great care of our customers by doing the right thing. We will work hard for their business and their loyalty by out hustling the competition every day.

We will build a team of employees whose desire it is to work together for the success of our company and our customers. We will recognize hard work and hold each other accountable to those goals. We will be a a financially stable company that will share success with employees and give back to the communities where we live. We want our work environment to be rewarding and fun, and one that encourages a learning environment for each of our employees to grow as they work for our company. We will make Berry Companies and the Berry Family proud to be associated with us.

Proudly Serving Colorado and Wyoming for over 20 years

Our Team

Chad Millward

Branch Manager


Nick Marr

Technical Sale Supervisor


John Anderson

Supply Manager


Wayne Suhr

Technical Sale Representative


Mark Ernst

Technical Sales Representative


Todd Seals

Supply Manager


Justin Corbus

Supply Sales


Francisco Uribe

Supply Sales